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Developed as a resort center years ago, Lucaya blossoms as a booming vacation spot attracting tourists from all over the world. Filled with luxurious resort complexes, shopping centers, a beautiful sandy beach, and a casino, Lucaya definitely provides for a fun and exciting trip. A suburb of Freeport, Lucaya lies on Grand Bahama’s southern coast. This location remains especially popular with cruise passengers and yachters, due to its accessibility by sailing. Since most of the available hotel rooms and tourist offerings on Grand Bahama rest in or near Port Lucaya, those who travel to Grand Bahama will likely find themselves staying or at least visiting there.

For superb shopping and a wonderful taste of Bahamian culture, a visit to the Port Lucaya Marketplace awaits you. Four miles east of Freeport and across from a massive resort complex, about 100 establishments decorate the Marketplace, selling clothes, jewelry, perfumes, crystal, and art. A variety of restaurants and bars offer a diverse cuisine and live bands perform in the streets. Walk through the hibiscus-lined walkways and enjoy the splendor and commotion.

Another must-see, the Lucayan National Park measures 40 acres of nature trails and land preserves. Treasures include sheltered pools of rare marine species, a natural forest lush with vegetation, and perhaps the largest explored underwater cave system in the world, complete with a bat nursery. Travel there to go on a nature trail for a sampling of the island’s natural beauty.

In the east, several wonderful and secluded beaches await, including Gold Rock Beach, where the hit series Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed and the film set’s two ships still remain for visitors to see. These areas, ideal for scuba diving, offer wonderful diving facilities which can train the inexperienced and take them on diving tours.

Sanctuary Bay hosts an incredibly fun event, especially with young children: the Dolphin Experience. Two miles east of Port Lucaya, Atlantic bottlenose dolphins live at one of the world’s oldest and largest dolphin facilities. Visitors either watch and photograph the dolphins from afar, or sit on the dock while the happy creatures come up and play with them. You can even participate in a dive program or a swim program and actually frolic with the dolphins, which have been trained to interact with humans.

For a truly memorable vacation, Port Lucaya awaits with all its beauty and excitement. If you enjoy shopping, swimming, or nature, come and experience the best this island has to offer!

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