Grand Bahama Island Bahamas Online Travel Guide

In the 1960’s, many people flocked to Freeport on Grand Bahama drawn by its beautiful and diverse attractions. Even millionaires like Howard Hughes made Freeport their vacation spots. Today, with the booming tourism of Lucaya, people usually mention Freeport and Lucaya in the same breath. Yet, Freeport itself still remains a charming and unique city, with many attractions and fun places to visit.

Downtown Freeport serves as the commercial hub for all of Grand Bahama and the local residents all conduct their businesses there. If any visitor finds the need for a lawyer or doctor, Freeport will provide. The Batelco headquarters and the Cyber Café both operate downtown; Batelco being the only phone company of the Bahamas and any visitor wishing to make a long-distance phone call or access the internet while they travel can use its services.

The Bahamas Trust Rand Nature Center, only a few minutes from downtown Freeport, offers 100 acres of self- guided nature trails filled with the island’s exotic plants. A great bird-watching spot in the center contains an incredible variety of birds, ranging from barn owls and red-tailed hawks to the distinctly Bahamian species such as the emerald hummingbird.

The International Bazaar, once one of the most visited places on Grand Bahama, stands in the west end. Even though the Royal Oasis Resort and Casino remains temporarily closed due to hurricane damages, shops and restaurants still remain open for a sampling of the diverse cultures that inspired the Bazaar. Take a peek into history as you visit the 35-foot torii arch at the entrance, a huge red-lacquered gate that represents a Japanese symbol of welcome. Close to the Bazaar, the Straw Market sells handmade Bahamian souvenirs. A colorful group of huts remain open for business, with shell jewelry, straw baskets, t-shirts and crafts at bargain prices.

Another sight to see, the Perfume Factory in Freeport resides in a replicated 19th century Bahamian mansion. Fragrance of the Bahamas, the company that operates in this factory, offers visitors a free tour of the laboratory where the concoctions of flowers and spices are made. You can even create your own perfumes and lotions at $30 an ounce, name and bottle your final product, and take it home.

Travel to Freeport, Grand Bahama and see the charming places that present a variety of fun things to do. Take a nature trail and see the wildlife that the Bahamas has to offer. Enjoy your stay in the city that maintains much of its charm and excitement!

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