Grand Bahama Island Bahamas Online Travel Guide

J.C. Specialty Tours
The ultimate island culture experience. Secluded beaches. Deserted island. Native picnic lunch. Rich snorkeling. Intimate guided tour. Informative bus trip. Blue hole.

Superior Watersports
During your stay in the Bahamas, make Superior Water sports your first choice for high quality, value for money, water sport and Island tour activities.

Fragrance of The Bahamas
Customers get a first hand view of fragrance production and an opportunity to mix and bottle a scent of their own creation. Tours are conducted by the "Mansion Ladies", a group of delightful and knowledgeable young Bahamian women.

Ocean Motion
Welcome to Ocean Motion Limited, the largest watersports company on Grand Bahama Island. We provide the widest variety of watersport activities with the friendliest service.

13 Blackbeard's Place
To those unfamiliar with the day to day patterns and behavior of shark, it seems almost unfathomable that anyone would willingly put oneself close to them. This, however, is precisely what our passengers do every week.

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