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In Grand Bahama, warm waters, luxurious resorts, and beautiful forests create a paradise for any vacationer wishing to relax and have fun. In the 1960's, celebrities like Frank Sinatra escaped to this island to unwind, drawn to the incredible beauty and stimulating nightlife. Long ago in Grand Bahama history pirates took a fancy to the island. Today, Grand Bahama remains one of the most popular islands for people who travel to the Bahamas.

Grand Bahama ranks as the fourth largest island in the Bahamas and the closest major island to the United States, easily reached as a day trip from Fort Lauderdale. Especially popular as a cruise ship destination, Grand Bahama stays warm and sunny throughout the year, protected from northeastern storms by the Little Bahama Bank.

At the center of the island lies Freeport, a site full of shops and restaurants. Visit the International Bazaar for a look at one of the oldest shopping centers in the country. Though not so spectacular now as in Frank Sinatra's time, the Bazaar maintains an antiquated charm which definitely makes visiting worthwhile. Nearby is the straw market, which sells hand-made souvenirs for bargain prices.

For a destination more modern and exciting, Port Lucaya lies southeast of Freeport. Luxury hotels and beautiful beaches decorate this tourist-friendly area. Visitors who love shopping flock to the Port Lucaya Marketplace. The Marketplace teems with life and excitement, offering eighty specialty stores, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and both indoor and outdoor bars. From duty-free high-end perfumes and jewelry, to handmade Bahamian art, to seafood straight out of the sea, the Marketplace provides something for everyone. Enhance your stay in Port Lucaya in the glamorous hotels and visit the casinos for a great time. Relax at the many exquisite beaches and take a dive into the clear waters.

For a visit back in time, West End lies in the north of Grand Bahama Island. The old village buildings and charming shops tell the history of this fishing town. Nearby rests Old Bahama Bay, where a secluded beach and lovely resorts await.

Lush forests make a great place for nature-lovers to enjoy a variety of plant and animal life. The Rand Nature Center, only a few minutes from Freeport, houses an incredible variety of Bahamian birds, some existing only on the island. Take a trail into the exotic wildlife and see the plants that flourish on Grand Bahama.

For a taste of the glamorous and exciting fun that the Bahamas has to offer, plan a trip to Grand Bahama. Stimulate your senses with all this island has to offer and enjoy the time of your life!

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